Wer was bewegen will, muss auch unterwegs sein! Im Kopf, auf der Straße, im Netz oder in Namibia... Auf
unserem Weg Marken, Menschen und Gesellschaft positiv zu verändern, sammeln wir Zeichen und Bilder,
die es Wert sind. Teilt diesen Raum mit uns!

Street Art


Unser liebster Mister Unknown – Banksy himself – ist zur Zeit im Süden Amerikas unterwegs und zeigt wieder mal visuell unerreichbar elegant und subtil wie man Missstände anprangern kann. Besonders hervorzuheben ist die Hängung des Ku-Klux-Klans an einer alten Tankstelle in Birmingham.


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Ah Joe, it's such a tricky one. My gut retaicon: Yeah, of course it's art. What constitutes art isn't necessarily the content of the work in question, but the response it elicits from the person experiencing it.I wonder, too, about the relevance of Gene Weingarten's brilliant piece on the violinist Joshua Bell; about how our perception of beaty can be affected by the environment in which we regard it. And I wonder if guys like Banksy get more of a raw deal than they should, or than they would if their work was framed and hanging in a gallery as opposed to adorning buildings and walls.Art is so subjective. I reckon if it came from a creative heart, and it touches you in some way then it counts. Even if it's a LOLcat.
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You can actually construct indigenous applications for Android, iOS, and Windows by by making use of C# or F# (Visible Important isn't really supported at this time). To get started, install Visible Studio 2015, select the Custom made option around the installer, and check the box beneath Cross System Cell Enhancement &gt; C#/.NET (Xamarin) . You may also launch with the Xamarin Installer. which is required to install Xamarin for Visible Studio 2013.
For those who presently have Visible Studio 2015 installed, run the installer from Control Panel &gt; Programs and Benefits and select the same Personalized option for Xamarin as over.
When you’re done, challenge templates appear around the New Undertaking dialog box. The easiest way to notice Xamarin templates is to just search on "Xamarin."
Xamarin exposes the indigenous features of Android, iOS, and Windows as .NET objects. Thus your applications have complete obtain to indigenous APIs and indigenous consumer controls, and they’re just as responsive as applications written while in the indigenous system languages.
After you construct a task, you’ll leverage all of your productivity functionality of Visible Studio. For example, you’ll utilize a designer to generate your webpages, and use IntelliSense to explore the indigenous API’s for the cellular platforms. When you’re prepared to run your application and see how it looks, you may utilize the Visible Studio Emulator for Android or the Android SDK emulator, run Windows applications natively, or run Windows applications over the Windows Phone emulator. You’re able to also use tethered Android and Windows products directly. For iOS projects, connect to your networked Mac and get started with the Mac emulator from Visible Studio, or connect to the tethered unit.
Contingent on the complexity of your applications structure, you will probably consider generating it by employing Xamarin.Varieties templates from the Cell Applications group of task templates. Xamarin.Varieties serves as a UI toolkit that helps you to make only one interface that you just can share across Android, iOS, and Windows. Any time you compile a Xamarin.Types option, you’ll get an Android application, an iOS application, including a Windows application. For a great deal more details, see Learn about cellular progress with Xamarin .
If you’re not by using Xamarin.Sorts and choose to model for every system individually, you might share most of your non-UI code concerning system projects (Android, iOS, and Windows). This consists of any company logic, cloud integration, databases accessibility, or any other code that targets the .NET Framework. The only code that you choose to can’t share is code that targets a particular system.
It's possible to share your code by choosing a shared task, a Moveable Class Library job, or both of those. You would probably unearth that some code fits top inside of a shared assignment, and some code makes a great deal more feeling inside a Moveable Class Library assignment.
If you’re an internet developer, and you’re familiar with HTML and JavaScript, it's possible to goal Windows, Android, and iOS by working with Visible Studio Applications for Apache Cordova. These applications can concentrate on all three platforms and it is possible to create them by working with the skills and processes that you’re most familiar with.
Apache Cordova can be described as framework that contains a plug-in design. This plug-in product gives you an individual JavaScript API that you just can use to accessibility the indigenous system abilities of all three platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows).
Due to the fact these APIs are cross-platform, you can easily share most of what you be able to write amongst all three platforms. This cuts down your improvement and maintenance costs. Also, there’s no desire to start out from scratch. If you’ve created other styles of world wide web programs, you could potentially share those data files with your Cordova application without having to modify or redesign them in any way.
To get started, install Visible Studio 2015 and choose the HTML/JavaScript (Apache Cordova) feature during set up. If you’re by means of Visible Studio 2013, install the Visible Studio Resources for Apache Cordova extension. Either way, the Cordova instruments instantly install all third-party software that’s required to develop your multi-platform application.
After you’ve installed the extension, open Visible Studio and establish a Blank Application (Apache Cordova) mission. Then, you are able to build your application by by using JavaScript or Typescript. It is possible to also include plug-ins to increase the performance of your application, and APIs from plug-ins appear in IntelliSense as you compose code.
When you’re wanting to run your application and step through your code, choose an emulator, like as being the Apache Ripple emulator or Visible Studio Emulator (Android or Windows Phone), a browser, or a system that you’ve connected directly to your computer. Then, begin the process of your application. If you’re developing your application over a Windows PC, you can easlily even run it on that. All of these choices are constructed into Visible Studio as part in the Visible Studio Instruments for Apache Cordova.
Task templates for setting up universal Windows applications are even now around in Visible Studio so feel really totally free to make use of them if you decide to plan to focus on only Windows equipment. As soon as you decide to focus on Android and iOS later, you'll always port your code into a Cordova assignment. There are open-source versions with the WinJS APIs, so you’re able to reuse any code that consumes those APIs. That claimed, should you plan to concentrate on other platforms inside potential, we recommend that you choose to start out with the Visible Studio Resources for Apache Cordova.
For starters, install Visible Studio 2015 and therefore the Visible C++ for Cross System Cellular Progress equipment. Then, you are able to build up a local activity software for Android or an application that targets Windows. C++ templates that concentrate on iOS are not yet for sale. You can still goal Android and Windows on the same remedy at any time you want, and then share code among them by by making use of a cross-platform static or dynamic shared library.
Those that really need to develop an application for Android that requires any sort of innovative graphics manipulation, these types of as a game, you're able to use C++ to do it. Get started with the Native-Activity Software (Android) venture. This challenge has 100 % service to the Clang toolchain.
When you’re willing to run your application and see how it looks, make use of the Visible Studio Emulator for Android. It is quickly, reliable, and fairly simple to install and configure.
You could potentially also construct an application that targets the 100 % breadth of Windows ten products by by using C++ along with a universal Windows application venture template. Learn alot more about this from the Focus on Windows ten units section that appears earlier with this topic.
It's possible to share C++ code around Android and Windows by generating a static or dynamic shared library.
You can easily consume that library inside a Windows or Android venture, like the ones described earlier with this section. You will also consume it in an application which you make by working with Xamarin, Java, or any language that permits you to invoke functions in an unmanaged DLL.
As you generate code in these libraries, you are able to use IntelliSense to explore the indigenous APIs in the Android and Windows platforms. These library projects are fully integrated with the Visible Studio debugger so you'll be able to established breakpoints, step through code, and unearth and fix issues by applying all in the highly developed amenities within the debugger.
Visible Studio Resources for Unity is regarded as a 100 % free extension for Visible Studio that integrates Visible Studio’s powerful code editing, productivity, and debugging resources with Unity . the popular cross-platform gaming/graphics engine and advancement environment for immersive applications that goal Windows, iOS, Android, and other platforms such as the world wide web.
With Visible Studio Resources for Unity (VSTU), you can still use Visible Studio to jot down game and editor scripts in C# and then use its powerful debugger to choose and fix errors. The latest release of VSTU brings guidance for Unity 5 and contains syntax coloring for Unity's ShaderLab shader language, more suitable synchronization with Unity, richer debugging, and improved code technology to the MonoBehavior wizard. VSTU also brings your Unity undertaking information, console messages, together with the ability to start out your game into Visible Studio so you can easlily spend less time switching to and from the Unity Editor though crafting code.
Start off establishing your game with Unity and Visible Studio Resources for Unity today.
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